What is the Intersect?

As I journey through this life I am constantly made aware of those times when faith and life cross paths.  I find that nearly everyday there is an intersect between scripture and life.  I wish to share with you as I read through scripture the thoughts on the intersect of scripture and life situations.

As we read through the Bible, God wants to intersect with us also.  As we deal with moment and bouts of anger, depression, jealousy, joy, happiness, religion, politics, money, and more, God wants to speak a word into our lives.  The scriptures provide the easiest avenue by which God can speak to us.  He is infinitely capable to do whatever He wishes.  He chooses to speak to us through scripture more often than we might think.  The decision or dilemma you face is a subject about which  God wants to speak to you.  The Holy Spirit will intersect with your thoughts and emotions.  As we set our eyes before scripture, the Spirit will either bring the actual words on the page to answer your need or will simply inspire your heart and mind toward the answer to your need.  Your availability to receive God’s message is the most critical component.

Now that you have received God’s message let it come through your life message.

Feel free to comment.  Let’s do this together!

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