Your Serve, Church

“But personality and behavior are not everything.  I think that God wants us to be aware of who we are.  We can do that in a number of ways.  We can use the DiSC, or MBTI, or others.  But we are so much more involved!  We have what can do, what we like to do, and what we have done.  We put all of this together to help someone know where they best fit.  I’ve got a whole system put together here. Let me show you.
I know what you’re thinking:  why make it hard?  I agree.  I am not trying to make it hard.  Those in the New Testament didn’t have any of this stuff. You’re right.  I talked to Pastor John this week to get a little insight.  He had me read the same passage he had you read Sheila.  I looked through them and found that there are 2 considerations we need to have: standard and sacrificial service.”
“You’re adding more to this?”  Sheila wondered out loud.
“Bear with me a minute and it will all make sense.  You see there are things that just need to get done.  You have them at home and you have them at church.  It doesn’t take special skills to do these so I call them standard service needs.  An example of a standard service need is working in the nursery or serving food at Wednesday supper or being a sponsor at youth camp.  Well, that last one takes some patience and the ability to go without sleep, but you get my point.  There are some things around a church that just need to get done.  It doesn’t really matter who does it as long as it gets done, within reason of course.  But there are other things that are sacrificial because they take up time away for planning, preparing, or studying.  These often are leading or training other people.  The Holy Spirit gives out ‘grace-gifts’ to His people so the church can accomplish her task with grace and unity. Some of these refer to specialized positions while others refer to specialized people.”

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