4 Ways to Find Your Prize

As a kid, I loved getting a new box of cereal.  I would walk down the aisle and find the “prize” I wanted and ask Mom to get that cereal.  I didn’t even really care about the type of cereal.  If they would have put prizes in Kashi I would have eaten that too!

As you read through God’s Word do you look for the treasures and prizes?  I didn’t always.  I used to just read to “get through it”.  I used to read to mark off the boxes on the plan I was using.  I used to read to try to make God happy with me.

How about you?  I would guess, that we have all done this at times.

What I have found is that when I read God’s Word like I am looking for hidden treasure, I find so much I wouldn’t have before.  As I read today from Colossians 3 I found one!

Let me share it with you!

Tucked away in the instructions on how to live as a Christian, I found something of importance. In verse 14 Paul uses the phrase “above all”.  In other words, the other stuff is important but really pay attention to this next part.  He goes on say that there are 4 things that are “above all”.


Let love be what binds you together.  In all relationships, let love bind you together.  We work so hard to develop relationships and keep them.  We do it for personal, vocational, influential, and other reasons.  But what if we loved?  What would happen in our homes and churches if love was what bound us together?  As @johnbcrist says, “Check your heart.”  Seriously, do you love them?


Let peace rule you.  Our hearts are fickle things.  We like, love, dislike, and hate all in one day.  Sometimes, it is with the same person.  However, what we are being taught here is that we are to let peace rule the day.  Are we seeking peace with others?  Do we let the concept of peace be the driving factor in how we deal with others?

I don’t always do this.  Do you?  I guess some people are really good at this, especially those who are more laid back in their personality.  Being a Type A kind of person I struggle with this one.  I WANT people to be at peace, but do I let it rule my heart?  Do you?  Paul says that above all we are to let peace be the controller in how we deal with others.


Paul slips this one in, but it is not an afterthought.  He instructs that we are to be thankful.  Are we truly thankful?  Have you shown gratitude to those who have blessed you?  Do we really FEEL thankful?  I remember my Mom making me write thank you notes to people after receiving gifts.  I would write the note and it would be so robotic.

“Thank you for _________.  I really appreciate it.”

I was going through the motions of gratitude but it was not genuine.  What if we genuinely became thankful people?


Paul finishes this part with reminding us to let God’s Word dwell among us.  In other words, scripture is to take up residence in your life and group settings.  He further defines this for us that in our words and helps Scripture is to be integral.  Scripture is great when we are going through something.  Sadly, we treat it like a hotel.  We settle in for a night or two and then we are off again.  When we are in need we get in it.  When we want to make a point we get in it.  What would happen if we let God’s Word dwell among us?  What would happen if Scripture was integral in every decision as a parent, employee, employer, or as a church?


These 4 “above all” concepts will change your life and those around you.  Your part of the world could be vastly improved if we would let love bind us, peace rule us, gratitude soften us, and Scripture lead us.  What changes could you see happening in your life?  I would love to hear from you.

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