How To Get the Wax Out

I woke up one night and couldn’t hear anything!  That was the craziest feeling.  I rolled over and could hear out of the other side, though, so it made me wonder.  I held my nose and “blew” to try to open my ear but it didn’t work.  I tried rubbing my ear but that didn’t work.  The ear wax had plugged my ear and now I would have to take greater measures.  Sometimes, if I catch it early I can take a decongestant and it will remove it.  Other times I have to use special drops for removal.  On the most difficult of days, I actually have to go to the doctor and have it flushed.

I realized over the years what some of the causes are:

  • Swimming and then not putting drops in.
  • Going to bed too soon after a shower.
  • Allergies
  • Extended periods of earbud usage

I have to take precautions to makes sure my ears don’t get plugged.  If left unattended an infection can set in.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t hear God?  Why can’t you sense God’s guidance and leadership?  Our spiritual ears have been plugged!  In Psalm 24, the songwriter asks who can go up the mountain of God and stand in the Holy Place.  In essence, he is asking who can worship and hear from God?

He gives the answer.  Those who have

  • Clean Hands
  • Pure Heart
  • Focused Mind
  • Dedicated Mouth

When you go to worship God, either privately or in church, we need to evaluate these 4 areas.  How often do we just run to Bible reading and get it done?   How often do we just hustle to church and get back to “real” life?  How often we go through the motions without considering that there is a process to actually hear from God?

Reflect on what you have done, what your motives are, are your thoughts focused, and is your mouth dedicated to truth.   Consider deeply these 4 areas.  If there is fault or failure then take a moment and confess it to God.  Jesus would later suggest that if we have harmed someone we should go and try to fix it before worship too.  In this way, you can be open to hearing from God.  By His grace, the blockage is removed, the spiritual ear canal is open and you can once again hear from God in the ways he speaks to your heart and life.

Share your story in the comments below.

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