The Hole in the Fence


When I was a kid we lived in Rancho Feliz Estates.  The area was laid out like a horseshoe and we lived in the back.  The fence across the street was the boundary marker for the complex and one I wasn’t supposed to cross.  But there was a playground on the other side and across the field.  Our complex had one, but I wasn’t satisfied with that one.

I wanted the other one.  I wanted to play on it and slide down its magnificent looking slide.  The fence even had a hole it.  I am sure there were others before me that had crossed the boundary.  One day a few of us gathered at the fence.  We peered through and saw the glorious play set across the field.  Kids were playing.  Laughter could be heard.  Surely this had to be better than the one in our area.

This is such a picture of how we live our life.  Psalm 16:5

“The Lord is my portion and my cup of blessing, you hold my future. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.”

Boundary markers tell you where you can be and what you have.  They also mark off where I am not supposed to be and what I am not supposed to do.  The Psalmist states that they have fallen on pleasant places.

Are the boundary markers God has established pleasant or not to you?  If you are like me, sometimes.  Many of us struggle with the idea of being bound in any form.  We want to roam freely.  We want to experiment without oversight.  We want to be what we want to be.  How dare God put boundaries on our freedom?

But that word pleasant keeps coming back to me.  The writer had shifted his attitude.  Had he already tried his own way?  I have.  Have you?  I found that my way leads to pain, hurt, anger, depression. None are pleasant.  Maybe, the writer realized that the boundaries were not placed to harm, but to help him.  The lines marked off what he had and could do and he found that pleasant.  The lines marked off where he could go and could not and he found that pleasant.

Do you?

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