Who Wants Playing Time?

Everyone wants to play, but who wants to practice?

I did some coaching when my kids were younger.  One of the staples of the game was practice.  We would warm-up, stretch, run drills, have group development, cool-down, and talk it out before we left.  This happened 1-2 times a week and games were 1-2 days a week.  On a normal week, 3 days were taken up with practice or playing.

Here’s what I noticed.  Kids, and parents, were always interested in playing time more than practice time.  Here are a few questions I received almost weekly:

  • Who is pitching today?
  • Who is starting today?
  • What position am I playing?
  • What rotation do you use for playing time?
  • Why is my child not playing today?

What I found interesting, and could laugh about sometimes, was that no one ever asked about practice time.  In fact, the reasons why a child couldn’t make practice were 10:1 over why they couldn’t make a game.

Everyone wanted to play.  Some wanted to practice. My general rule was that those who practiced hard got to play more.  Of course, this was met with some issue at times.  There were some legit reasons why practice was missed, but I truly felt that the commitment to practice would breed success.

So many Christians want to be put into the game but don’t want to put in the practice.  Often, I see churches rewarding those who want playing time, but don’t practice much.  Do yourself, your pastor, and your church a favor and put in the practice before demanding playing time.

Psalm 15 provides a few practice drills for us before playing time.

  1. True Character – The writer uses the words blameless and righteous.
  2. Controlled Tongue – This is not hard to understand. Our speech is a prominent marker.
  3. Loyal Heart – How dedicated are you? Are you divided in your loyalties?
  4. Honorable Activity – Our interpersonal skills and dealings are an important part.

Everyone wants playing time, but a good coach evaluates practice first.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

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