Releasing the Brake on Living

I was pulling out of the driveway the other day and thought something was wrong with my truck.  It backed up fine but when I put it in drive it just didn’t want to do anything.  The engine sounded fine and there were no special lights blinking or alarms going off.  What could it be?

I left the parking brake on!

We recently moved to a new home where the driveway is steep and are all learning to use our parking brake for added security.  We haven’t had to that before and it is taking a bit to remember.  When I released the brake, the truck moved just like it was designed.

In our lives, we set brakes too.  One brake we set is fear.  We stop going to work because we fear what might happen.  We stop going home because we fear what might be done.  We stop.  Sometimes, we stop living.  As Zach Williams puts it, “Fear is a liar”.  Too often we believe the lies and we set the brake.  Life is worth living.  The perfect love of Jesus casts out fear.  Release the brake and live.

Maybe you set the brake of change.  It happens so rapidly these days that it is hard to keep up.  It is easy to set the brake on change.  I remember when my wife started using Photoshop.  I was still using print shop, or publisher, I think.  I hated learning the new program and felt it was useless.  I set the brake.  Once I released the brake I use it exclusively today.

Setting the parking brake on money is very common.  Let me explain because I have done this.  Have you noticed how easy it makes every decision about the money?  We can’t do this….because of money.  We can’t go there because of the money.  You can’t do that because of money.

I get it.  Money is what makes things happen.  However, if we would set priorities we could release the brake.   One of the best ways to do this is found here.

One of the most popular brakes we set is on emotion.  Tragedy, breakups, and loss all create an emotion black hole from which escape seems impossible.  During these moments, we can alienate people.  We isolate from people.  When the emotional break us set we die a little inside every day.  That’s not living.  Elijah and David had to understand that cave-dwelling feels secure but it is not a proper residence.  Release the brake, breathe, and move forward.

What have you set the brake on recently?  Let God help you release it today!

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