The Tarnishing of the Southern Baptist Convention

There are those who rejoice and others who groan over the decision made by the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS).  We expected, needed, strong leadership but received weak leadership unable to do what is necessary.

I cannot, in good conscience, accept this decision.  I believe it was weak-kneed at best.
1.   If any of us (pastors) had done this we would have been escorted out of town.
2.  As a compensated, in perpetuity, emeritus our CP dollars are being used inappropriately.
3.  Being allowed to live on campus will loom large.  The next president will likely become a puppet for the master to pull the strings.
4.  This decision by the trustees might feel gracious but the optics are horrible for us in the field.  Those around us will simply view us those who hate women.  Just wait for the media to fire on all cylinders.
I was not in that room.  None of us know ALL the information.  However, there is enough known.  Also, there are enough optic problems that we need to take a firmer stance and send a stronger message.  I believe the convention needs to make a statement concerning the biblical view of women.  The BFM 2000 affirms complementarianism.  It does not affirm the downplaying of assault or abuse.  God created them BOTH in his image.  He commanded them both to rule, reign, and govern.  He commanded them BOTH to be fruitful and multiply.  God initiated an equal dignity with distinct roles without tyranny or abuse.  The Fall has caused everything to be maligned.  To quote Al Mohler today, “The SBC, theologically conservative, has been revealed to be morally compromised.”
Is it not our responsibility to lead out with truth in times like these?
Should we not hold high the Biblical standard?
Should we not reveal to the world that God loves, equips, and engages both genders in ministry and church life?
These are some of my thoughts as I have read and discussed this with other pastors.  #SBC18 has much to discuss and decide in June.  May God grant us wisdom, grace, and strength.

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