Stop Processing Publicly


Sawyer nailed the interview and was going out to eat to celebrate the new position.  He gathered a few friends and they had a great time.  #gotthejob was used for the whole event – selfies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter were everywhere!  He was so certain he would get the promotion, which came with a nice bump in salary, that he even paid the bill for supper!  He got home late, let the dog out,  and went to bed.

The alarm went off what seemed to be very early, but he didn’t care!  Today was going to be a great day!   He arrived at work and got ready for his meeting.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned.  He didn’t get the promotion!  He got on social media and began to run down the one who did get promoted, the supervisor who refused the promotion, and the company in general.  In all of this, he expressed himself in untenable ways.  He called out a few people and now has an awkward working environment.  He could be reprimanded or fired because of what he posted.  The expression was not a “concerted activity about working conditions” and was not “a poll to discover how others felt.”

Nora’s life has become frustrating!  Her boyfriend left her for someone else and now she feels alone and unwanted. She took to social media to process how she felt.  Mostly she was processing about her ex.  She got pretty hateful and said a LOT of stuff.  She worked herself up into such a state that she was even talking about how he should be dead and the girl too!  In order to “get back” at him, she begins to post lude pictures and comments.  She tags all of his friends in it.  Misery loves company and she was having a gathering!

Annabeth found herself on the outside looking in.  She couldn’t really explain how it happened; it just did. She had been friends with Lauren, Katy, and Taylor for a few years.  Now it seems that ever since the new girl showed up she got ousted.  She is ticked, too!  Immediately, she gets her phone out and starts spewing on Facebook.  She begins to tell tales and make accusations.  Others are wondering what is going on.  The situation is the topic of conversation for so many.  Yet, she is still alone.  In fact, getting more isolated by the week.  If she would say THAT about her friends, then others didn’t want anything to do with her either.

There’s an alarming trend of processing our baggage on social media.  I have read my share of hangups and hiccups, breakups and blowups.  I have seen more mirror selfies that I can count.  I have seen too many people process their emotions in the public forum of social media.

Proverbs 12:23 states, “The wise don’t make a show of their knowledge, but fools broadcast their foolishness.”  We could make a claim that this refers to the pride of knowledge and that we are to be more humble.  However, I see a lot of foolishness broadcasted on social media.

Here are a few rules we should follow:

  1.  If it’s not your story to tell, don’t tell it.
  2. You don’t have to tell all you know.
  3. THINK before you type.
  4. Keep private matters private.

Social media is a great place to catch up and share love, laughter, and life.  However, when we use it a battering ram or to bully someone else we have left civilized life and simply become barbaric.

One comment

  1. God bless you for telling the plain truth! I pray it helps someone who may be ready to cross the “processing” line.

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