Why Should I Read the Bible?

Many of us have asked that question.  Haven’t you at some point?  Maybe you have settled the issue….maybe you haven’t.  Skeptics will argue that the Bible is outdated, mythic, and irrelevant to the needs of our lives today.  The arguments for the validity of Scripture are for another time.  Today, I just to share with you 1 chapter from the Bible.  The author of this chapter is sharing his thoughts about Scripture.  In this chapter, I find 22 reasons why I should read the Bible.  The author has received 22 items from regarding Scripture as a valid book to read.

Here are the 22, in order of presentation in Psalm 119. (Every 8 verses begins a new one.)  The first word is the section heading and the second word is what has been received from Scripture:

  1. Aleph – Joy
  2. Beth – Purity
  3. Gimel – Passion
  4. Daleth – Strength
  5. He – Pleasure
  6. Waw – Hope
  7. Zayin – Comfort
  8. Cheth – Anchor
  9. Teth – Discipline
  10. Yod – Humility
  11. Kaph – Patience
  12. Lamed – Security
  13. Mem – Wisdom
  14. Nun – Guidance
  15. Samek – Shelter
  16. Ayin – Assurance
  17. Pe – Grace
  18. Tsade – Confidence
  19. Qoph – Justice
  20. Resh – Salvation
  21. Shin – Peace
  22. Taw – Rescue

I NEED THESE!  Don’t you?  Why not read today?

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