I Need a Revolution Not a Resolution

It’s day 3 of your resolution(s).  How many of been broken already?  Don’t worry, most people break them by the end of the month anyway, right?

Most of us resolve in just a few areas:  weight loss, fitness, nutrition, money, and hobbies.  We all are going to eat better, work out, save money, pay debts, read through the Bible, and learn a new hobby.  We start out with good intentions.  I had planned on going to the gym yesterday, then the kitchen piping decided to take my time.  I chose to fix the problems and share life with my kids instead.  Thankfully, going to the gym is not a resolution of mine for 2018.  Do I want to be fit? Yes.  Am I going to go the gym a lot this year? Yes.

The issue for many of us is that we have ingrained habits that must be adjusted.  We cannot simply add more to our day.  I was charged with painting the outside of the house years ago.  I was instructed that I would have to scrape off the current paint before applying new paint.  

Of course I did not listen!  I was in a hurry.  I wanted a quick fix. I wanted the easy end to an otherwise torturous job.  I scraped some.  I painted quickly.  What should have lasted years only lasted a season and I was back at it.

We resolve to accomplish many things, but rarely ever do.  We come back to January 1 each year with the same resolution.  Like an addict in rehab, we want to quit but never really do.

You don’t need a resolution.  You need a revolution.

Proverbs 3:1-4 expresses the importance of character over conduct.  The internal is a better focus than the external.  The wise will seek to adjust their heart more than their habits.  Look at the action words in these verses:

  • Remember – that’s mental
  • Heart keep – that’s emotional
  • Keep loyalty and faithfulness – this is a product of the heart
  • Tie them around neck – so your eyes can see them and increase your memory
  • Write them on your heart – this refers to the product of emotion and intellect as you make choices

The point is that a new/different you this year has more to do with the internal than the external.  The character of a person is worthy of consideration.  Your conduct is simply a product of your character.  If you want the new paint to stick, you have to scrape off the old first.  Otherwise, the old starts to show through.

Maybe you have broken your resolution.

Maybe you have chosen not to have any resolutions.

Either way, we you have a desire to increase in some area of your life.  Start with character.  More on this tomorrow.

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