What If You Could Have the Knowledge of God?

Knowledge is power!

The question is what will you do with the power?

  • Knowledge can be used for good or bad.  For example, Martha Stewart a few years ago was convicted of what I will call insider trading.  A too well-timed trade caused much speculation.  The knowledge she had was used to only serve herself.
  • Knowledge can be used for good.  A dentist friend of mine is now in Africa using his knowledge to relieve pain and save lives.  This is using knowledge for good.

Every day we have the chance to learn; to gain more knowledge.  What are we doing with it?  Are we using it to serve ourselves?  Do we try to increase our stature?  Increase our position in the company?  Improve our reputation in the hallways?  Or, are we using this knowledge to penetrate darkness?  Do we improve other’s lives?  Do we provide clean water?  The knowledge you are gaining might be as simple as 2+2=4 right now.  But, that will move you forward.

You see, we must ask, “How can what I am learning help change the world?”

“What, me?”, you ask?  Yes, YOU.

At your job – consider how what you know of the job could be used to improve someone else’s lot in life?  Maybe your knowledge causes a promotion.  Now you are managing others.  Now you have an increase in pay.  How can that better serve the common good?

At home – consider what you are learning and how it could improve life at home. I was drinking a glass of water the other day when my daughter stated, “You know, people used to think hot water burned calories but really its cold water because your body has to react to it.”  Knowledge dropped.  While I did know this, she was trying to help.  How have you helped the family lately?

At school – consider what is being taught and try to reinvest in the very workings of the school.  Maybe the skills of administration you have acquired can now be used for the creation of a non-profit to aid others.  Maybe your science class has unearthed knowledge about a new filtration system for water.  The world is in a crisis for clean water.

What if there was access to the knowledge of the universe?  What if we could mine the depths of wisdom of the One who created it all?  There is!

Proverbs 2:1-5 gives us keen insight to discovering the knowledge of God.  While we are finite and cannot fathom all of God’s knowledge we are given a way into the mind of God with the allowance to mine the infinite caverns of wisdom.  In these verses, the Bible provides a few key actions on our part to begin to discover the knowledge of God.

1.  Accept / Store the words of God.  We have the collected words of God in the Bible.  Too often we explore the surface of scripture but do not allow it to dig deep into our beliefs and behavior.  We read it like any other novel, if we touch it at all.  The first step of discovery is to accept that scripture is truth.

2.  Focus your mind and heart for reception.  We must begin the analysis of what needs to be in our brains and what does not.  Like my desk, it can get cluttered quickly.  It gets to the point that nothing productive is going to happen with so many papers, letters, files, etc lying around.  Periodically, I will sift through and decide what to keep and what to throw away.  This is a recurring issue.  So it is with our minds and hearts.  It is easy to get cluttered.  Learn to discern what can be kept and what can be stored someplace else.  There was a time when I could remember many phone numbers.  Through technology, I dont have to anymore and can now store other things in my mind.

3.  Desire the knowledge of God. Let’s put this into perspective.  Do you desire it like your next paycheck?  Do you desire it like you want Daddy to be proud of you; for Mom to say something nice?  Do you desire it like you do that pain reliever of choice?  The statements in our scripture passage call us to seek wisdom like silver; to search for it like hidden treasure.

Do you want it?  Do you really want it?  What would you do with it if you found it?  Like Gollum, would we simply hold on to it and call it precious, hoarding it for our sole possession?  Or will we use it for the betterment of life in general?

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