Spiritual Diet and Exercise

I joined a local health club this year in hopes of getting more fit and getting to know people outside of the church bubble.  Thankfully, I have done both.  When I started I began meeting with Jimmy who is on staff.  He introduced me to all of the equipment and walked me through a variety of workout options.  Being 40+ requires a different process!
One of the things we discussed was diet.  There are so many info-ads and click bait on Facebook I never know what to believe and not to believe.  The nutrition book from college is probably still accurate but I do know advances in science and nutrition have occurred since graduating 25 years ago!

One thing has remained the same, though.  If you are going to workout regularly, then you have to fuel your body. I tracked my intake for a month and we visited again.  I was around 1800-2000 calories/day.  If I wanted weight loss, I needed to burn more than I took in.  However, I also needed to eat enough to push my body through the workouts.

Galatians 6:2 – Share each other’s burdens.

You will face times in your life when friends or family will go through a rough patch.  Maybe even a devastating or particularly troubling patch!  In those moments, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay afloat yourself.  How easy it is to get caught up in the drama.  You love them!  You don’t want them to hurt.  It can really wear you down.

What is the solution?  Eat more.

That’s right.  Eat more, not less.  You see, just like my eating needed to increase (in a healthy way) on workout days, so does your spiritual eating.  When you are helping another work through difficulty or drama you are having a faith workout!  Exercising is exhausting.  It is harder when you have no fuel in the tank.

Listen, if you are in Scripture often and you are still struggling, it is because you need to read more.  If I out my body through a series of workouts but do not increase my calories to balance the need, then my body will actually suffer.  My metabolism will slow to hoard the energy.  However, if I eat more then it revs up my metabolism and the body chugs along and gets more fit.  It is easy to get caught up in the other person’s issue and you forget to read, or at least you do not read more.

As you find yourself in a spiritual workout don’t forget to eat.  Get in God’s Word so that your spiritual body can chug along and get stronger, leaner, and more efficient in it’s daily routine.

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