The Believer and Birth Pains

It was the Summer of 2001 and we were preparing for our 1st child to arrive.  He was scheduled for September 1.  Little did we know what was going to happen; how the world would change.  The bedroom had been prepared and the house cleaned.  We were just waiting for the timing.  We had moments where we thought it was maybe the time, but our doctor assured us it was not, and we just needed to wait, not worry, and be prepared for the work that would follow.

We were anxious.  We, at least I, was scared about bringing in this new person to the house.  Our doctor assured us that it would be fine.  “You’re ready!”, she would say.  We are not going to rush this birth.  It will happen when God is ready for it to occur.  We need to wait and not worry about it.

In Acts 1, Luke begins his 2nd book since he wrote the Gospel for which he is named.  After Jesus had been with them for 40 days teaching about the Kingdom of God he begins to prepare them for the birth of the church.  They are anxious and fearful too.


He tells them to wait for the Father’s promise.  Isn’t it easy to run on ahead of God?  Jesus knew these guys were ready to go DO something FOR God.  Jesus wanted them, and us, to wait for the Holy Spirit so we will be doing WITH God.  It matters not whether it is church or home, we do FOR more than WITH God!  We have education, experience, and energy.  Let’s go do something!  Or, we have a need to fill so we need to GET BUSY.  If you serve in your church on the nominating committee or committee on committees or in some capacity of filling positions in the church please read this.  It is such a trap of the Devil for us to run on our logic, strength, ability, and persuasion.  In this moments we can

  • Put the wrong people in the wrong places
  • Put the right people in the wrong places
  • Put the right people in the right place but at the wrong time

All of these are dangerous because it is a result of OUR doing not the SPIRIT’S leading.  Jesus told them to wait.  He tells us to wait.


The next questions from the people center around misunderstood beliefs about the Messiah.  They still thought He was going to lead an uprising against the Roman oppression.  They still wondered when the restoration was going to happen.

We would never misunderstand Jesus, would we?

Jesus tells them not to worry about those things and pivots back to the Holy Spirit.  He guides them back to the higher thoughts.  Restoration would have provided pride.  Reception of the Holy Spirit would provide power.  Restoration would provide glory to Israel.  Reception provided glory to God.  We worry way too much about our creature comforts and conveniences and not enough on God’s glory!  We are not to worry about such things.  Our concern is to be following the guidance of the Spirit in all things.


Jesus ends with passing the torch of the great mission of God:  reach the world with the Gospel.  However, the design has been skewed these hundreds of years.  We have turned relational transfer into religious talks.  In our consumer societal structure, we have brought that nonsense into the church house.  The very words of Jesus here describe the power of God entering US, personally.  WE are to be the witnesses to the world.  As we are going we are to be living, showing, and expressing the gospel of Jesus.

2 days after our son was born we were told it was time to go home. Wait.  What?  How many nurses are going with us? Who will be providing the meals for us?  Who will handle the needs when we can’t?  WE CANNOT GO HOME YET!  The birth had happened.  Recovery was done.  Now it was time to parent.


As a follower of Christ, please wait for the Spirit’s leading before acting.  Stop worrying about things beyond your control.  Let’s get busy making disciples and parenting.  We have much to do.  Let’s go!


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