Do You Pray with Gas or Diesel?

The first time I drove a diesel I was given specific instructions before I was given the keys!  I was informed that before driving the car the engine had to warm up in a specific way.  Then it was pointed out that the bulb on the dashboard was called the “glow plug”.  After starting the engine, I needed to wait until the light came on before putting the car in gear.

I hated that wait!

I had only driven gas engines.  Turn the key and go, right?  Unless it was a cold morning, I had it in gear almost before the engine turned over.  Not being very patient, that diesel wait drove me nuts.  I was glad to back to my gas engine!

Jesus was teaching the crowd and in the middle of it He shared about prayer.  It started with approaching and addressing God.  While there are not many words, there is a distinct pause in this beginning time.  Notice that Jesus never mentions a physical posture.  However, there is much to say about our mental and heart posture.  The way Jesus approaches the Father is filled with humility and empty of pride.  As He begins to communicate he acknowledges the Father’s position and character.  Then He emptied Himself further, He wanted God’s will to be done on Earth as it was already begin done in Heaven.  Jesus wanted to be in the right position in mind and heart before ever really requested anything.

Jesus was praying with a diesel engine.  Too often we pray with a gas engine.

We often go straight to the asking without taking the time to warm things up.  Skeptics would proclaim that God just wants to be buttered up.  However, as a follower of Christ, I understand that it is not my place to disrespect God by not at least acknowledging who He is!  I love my kids, but if they just run in and start requesting money, I am going to make them pause.  There is a better way.  I want to have a little conversation before we get to the begging!

Are you praying with diesel or gas?

One comment

  1. Glen, my husband, always wanted me to wait even with a Gas engine, until the little gauge showed that the idle had come down from high to low before backing out of the garage. Just took to much time as far as I was concerned. You are right, though, I’ve waited in waiting rooms far to many times on outcomes of my loved ones and it’s never easy. Only God knows when it’s time to wait and time to move forward, or God forbid backward.

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