Need A Fresh Start?


This week we all start over!  What does 2017 look like for you?  Do you have any regrets from 2016 that you are interested in fixing or adjusting as we start a new year?

A few regrets we might be facing today:

  • I wish I had lived my life rather than how society told me to live.
  • I wish I had taken more risks.
  • I wish I had taken better care of myself.
  • I wish I had allowed myself to trust.
  • I wish I had touched more lives and inspired more people.
  • I wish I had been a better partner or parent

Like you, I have struggled with some of these myself.  There is HOPE!  God’s Word reveals a moment in a man’s life where a fresh start was provided.

I need one.  Do you?

Here are 3 things to consider from this scripture:

  1.  It’s your choice.  This man had been lying paralyzed on a mat for 38 years.  He couldn’t change anything.  He tried to get into the pool that the legend said could heal him if he were first in once the waters were stirred by an angel.  When he met Jesus everything shifted.  Jesus asked him, “Do you want to be well?”  Until that moment, he was hopeless. But when Jesus came into the picture he had a choice.  Our lives are filled with regrets that create current circumstances about which we feel shame, guilt, humiliation, or disgust.  On your own, there is no resolution that can affect the change you want.  BUT when Jesus comes into view there is hope.  Will you choose to believe Jesus or continue to try on your own?
  2. Have the courage to look beyond your past.  This man had years of hopelessness and failure.  His immediate response was that he would love to be well but could not get to the pool in time.  We often try to handle our problems in isolation.  We might even have people all around but be in isolation.  Jesus showed up and changed the direction of this man’s life.  He can change yours also  The Bible says that this man was instantly healed though he was still lying on the mat.  He had to make a decision.

    So do we.

    What a tragedy this could have been!  This man could have remained on the mat in unbelief, but he chose to look beyond the years of his past and look forward to what could be.  What are you going to do?  We cannot fix our issues on our own, but Jesus can make the necessary changes.  Will you believe Him?

  3.  Learn to be cured.  This man got up, picked up his mat, and walked.  As full of joy as he was, there were those who couldn’t accept this or even celebrate the moment.  Not everyone in your life will understand the commitments you will make.  Not everyone will accept the changes that are affected by your surrendering to Jesus.  However, the strength you need is in Jesus.  We will face confusion and complications at times.  Please remember the joy you had the moment you took that first step of faith and let that drive you to take more steps this week!  Walk past the jeering crowd.  Walk past the naysayers.  Walk in the joy of Jesus!

Change is possible with Jesus.  Are you ready for a fresh start?

This video may give you inspiration in this endeavor.

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