Hubris of the High Office

Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word hubris.

I first noticed hubris in the high office years ago.  I was 10.  My dad was with PATCO and was fired when the group went on strike for better benefits.  What is wrong with hubris?  Isn’t there a certain degree of it required to serve in such a prominent leadership role?  A certain amount of confidence must be evident to lead a rebellion, demand independence in the Western Hemisphere, make purchases such as the Louisiana Purchase, engage in world wars, conflicted conflicts, and reign down fire on the Taliban.  But there are those who go too far.  Those who engaged in affairs, subjugated laws, infected the Oval Office with immorality and created a debt load only God could actually pay off.

My friends there is a hubris that is accepted and there is the hubris of the high office that will kill my grandchildren…maybe even my children.

The post-war (WWII) abundance was fun but the returning GI’s had no jobs and the women were enjoying their freedom to work.  Soon we found ourselves in a “conflict” that we were not ready to win.  Dropping money casually in the billions.  On June 25, 1940, congress approved a new debt ceiling of $49 Billion.  When LBJ came to office in 1963 our debt was $308 Billion.  As of September 2016 we are bumping up to $20 TRILLION!  That is 118% a year if my math is correct.

A few reasons why this has occurred include:

I am no political pundit, but even I can see that there has to be an end at some point or the end will be of America.  Hezekiah was having a difficult time in the high office of Israel and Isaiah came to speak to him.  There was a word from God he needed to hear.  Hezekiah had been entertaining the diplomats from Babylon.  He had showed off everything in the capital, including the temple and the treasury!    Isaiah explains the ridiculous decision that revealing everything was.  He went on to say that Hezekiah’s children would wind up eunuchs (castrated males) in service to a foreign king.  Note the king’s response:

Then Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “This message you have given me from the lord is good.” For the king was thinking, “At least there will be peace and security during my lifetime.”

What?  Yes, you read that correctly.  As long as Hezekiah wasn’t going to suffer this awful problem it was just fine with him.

Isn’t that how it seems things have been for a while now?  We will keep inflating – expanding – while the prospect and hope for our children deflates and shrinks.  What can we do?

  1. Register to vote.
  2. Research
  3. Vote
    1. for a better future.
    2. for a fiscally conservative candidate all the way to your local mayor and city council.
  4. Hold those in office accountable.
  5. Repeat as often as you can

The hubris of the high office, if left unchecked, can wreck us all.  We, the constituents have the power of the vote.  Make use of it wisely.

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