Does God Write Hot Checks?


Have you ever received the notification that you had insufficient funds?  What a horrible feeling!  Your stomach ties up in knots, you have immediate anxiety over what else will bounce and how much the total charges are going to be.  If we’re honest, we have all probably had this happen.  When the bank has it happen that is even worse.  Can you imagine if you went to cash a check from a bank and it wouldn’t go through?  Can you imagine if you went to your bank and found it closed and unable to transact your business?  The trust you would have had in the bank would be torched.  You would want to change banks.

Or maybe it was just a holiday and the sign had fallen down from the drive-thru window.  Maybe you had misunderstood the reason.

Or maybe you just think another bank could do this better with better fees and benefits.  They have a better online system.

As we approach 1 Samuel 8, the people are having similar thoughts about God as we see about our banks!

  • The Insufficiency of God. (1-9)
  • The Insecurities with God. (10-18)
  • The Irreplaceable Image of God. (19-22)

Ask yourself the questions:

  • What should they have done differently?
  • What should I do differently?
  • What would that look like in real life right now?

What is God desiring from us as we hear this lesson?  I think a key word is contentment.  Israel was on the rise.  The cycle of oppression seems to have shifted toward independence.  Samuel is the prophet, rather than judge, and is leading the people from a spirit-political position.  They are a theocracy.  God speaks through his chosen man and Israel’s elders hear and pass the message and obedience is called for by the people.  Now that Israel is on the rise in the region, they begin to get discontent with this situation.  I hear my teenager voice arriving, “everyone else has a king.…”

The desire to keep up with everyone else is a distinct issue in America.  Every child grows up wanting more, bigger, faster whatever.  As adults we do the same thing.  The car payment is almost over so we trade for the new one.  The credit cards are almost paid down, so what can be the next purchase.  Our house is not what it used to be so let’s get a new one.  We ALL do this.  We are ALL susceptible to this insidious trick the of the Devil.

  • We feel that what God is offering is no longer sufficient and need to find what is.
  • We feel that God is not giving us the security (absence of all bad or uncomfortable issues) so we change.
  • We feel that God’s call on us is too much to ask and we shirk away.

All the while, if we would learn to just relax and BE with God, we would find the perfect peace we long for even when we cannot come up with the words to describe what we want.

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