The 1st Word of Life


One Summer we lived just up the hill from the Kentucky River.  Right behind our house was a deep creek that was fed from the river and was great for fishing!  Nearly every day I would grab my pole and go down.  My mom had one of those triangle bells that she would ring when it was time for me to come home.  One particular day I had gotten pretty muddy.  My view of the situation was much like the picture above.  So when I arrived at the house and was not allowed in I was confused.  While I did not think it was all that bad, my mom sure did.


She was not about to let me in the house until I had washed off.  I stood there and she began to wash me off with the hose.  Once I was clean I could enjoy the benefits of the house, lunch, and the couch!

This is often the case with confession.  I recently read a poem from an unknown source that begins with the “6 most important words”:  I admit I made a mistake.  We run through our days, weeks, and years and do not give much credence to our need to be clean.  We, like me, think it is just our hands that are dirty and we wash them like Pontious Pilate disregarding any further need.  However, from God’s perspective we need a complete shower!

When we are not staying clean through confessing our sins to God we are like that kid at camp who doesn’t shower.  It affects more than just one person.  Sin might be fun in the moment but we will lose our grip on joy and our relationship with Jesus will suffer.  Shame and guilt come into play and then we are just a mess.  Confess what you know and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what you have forgotten.  Whatever is getting in the way of your relationship with God needs cleansing.

Now would be a good time…

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