4 Fatiguing Facts of Doing It “My Way”


Frank Sinatra is infamous for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the song “My Way”.  This song boasts of living life and making decisions without regard to norms, morals, accepted or directed rules.  He wants everyone to know that he did it all his way and for his own fame.

Subway wants you to have your sandwich “Your Way”.

Progressive Insurance purports to put you in the driver’s seat with your insurance choices.

Our world is seduced into isolated, personal, decisions as the most important part of life.  We want our choices, done our way, with the price only I want to pay.

David was the new King and above all he wanted the Ark back in country.  He rallied the people and hyped them up on the idea.  The whole group agreed that it was the right thing to do.  All of Israel was summoned and the ark was placed on a cart and away they went.  One of the oxen stumbled and Uzzah steadied the ark and God struck him dead!

Wait.  What?

David was mad and he was now afraid of God.  The Ark was left in a nearby village for three months.  The home where it rested was blessed greatly!

What do we learn from this?  As leaders in industry, small groups, churches, or families we realize 4 fatiguing facts about doing it our way.

  1. God has a better plan than the group idea. David did not stop and read how it should be done.  It thought he was exempt.  We, too, think we are exempt at times.  We want the shortcut.  We want easy grace.  We want easy-believism.  We want high return for low investment.  Read God’s plan.  When David did it made all the difference.
  2. Someone will pay a high price. Uzzah died.  Your choice may not kill someone, but something, or someone, will get hurt.  Often I find people making decisions because it feels right, but they have not thought it all the way through.  Parents who want it all for their kids but cannot make time for spiritual growth and church body life will find their kids out of step with God.  These same folks cannot understand because “they raised their kids in church”, which usually means when there was nothing else to do and if they got up in time.
  3. Emotions will run out of control. We like to blame God.  David did.  He was mad at God for Uzzah’s death.  Who’s fault was it really?  David was at fault but it was simpler to blame someone else.  Today we would have sued the cart builder, the one who raised the ox, or the one who was to maintain the road.  Anything to get the blame and guilt and shame away.   Some will even increase the personal drama publicly to draw attention away from the real problem.  Now everyone is focused on the drama queen more than the issue in question.
  4. Someone gets your blessing. When it is all said and done, you miss a blessing.  David could have been blessed greater if he had just followed directions and give the right orders.  Now he had to sit and stew while watching Obed-edom get the blessing.  While you stew someone else rejoices.  It could have been you.


Some will call it independence.  Others call it being the “Lone Ranger”.  God just calls it silly.  We need Him and He knows it.  Why do we insist on doing it our way, fixing it our way, solving it our way, or leading our way.  God is greater.  It is time we recognize this fact and put interdependence into action.


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