Follow Me

5-01 Follow Me

Follow me.

Anytime someone tells me to follow them I have a host of issues:

  • Why?
  • Where are we going?  Where are YOU going?
  • What good does that do?
  • How long will it take?
  • Just tell me so I can do it on my own.
  • I can’t right now.

At the beginning of His ministry, Jesus would walk up to people and simply say, “Follow me.”  They would drop what they were doing and actually follow Him!  The call of Jesus on our lives today is no different.  He is calling us to follow Him.  Too often we find ourselves trying to lead instead of follow.  In his book, Follow Me, Leonard Sweet lays out for us the importance of following Jesus.  As we go and make disciples, we are to help them follow Jesus.

Too often we compartmentalize ourselves.  We have those who lead, those who think they should be leading, those who aspire to lead, and everyone else.  We focus on putting people in charge.  We focus on positions and power.  We want to run the show.  Our sinful tendencies come out easily in this environment.  God said to follow the directions.  Jesus said to follow Him.

When we get caught up in the rhetoric, we can lose sight of the reality.  Like Lot, Christians get laughed at when they finally speak up about an issue because everyone can see they are no different than anyone else.  Christians, today, have a bad habit of not being followers of Jesus.  We are makers of destiny.  We are political power brokers.  We are Pharisaical monarchs who sit in our luxury palaces of churchdom and try to rule from a distance.

We are not followers.

You are to follow Jesus.  Love God with all you’got.  Love your neighbor by following Jesus, showing Jesus, serving up Jesus.  Help others to follow Jesus.

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