4 Works of God’s Grace


In 1936-37 The Golden Gate Bridge was being built.  Lives were being lost due to the nature of the bridge.  As with any bridge building project, it was assumed 1 death per $1 Million spent.  The Bridge should have lost 35 workers.  However, when it came time to build the roadway the engineers installed a net.  This saved the lives of 19 men.

When God sent Jesus He provided us a net of grace that we did not deserve.  God’s grace works in 4 ways.

God’s grace forgives at the cross of Jesus.  The death of Jesus was the requirement.  The sacrificial law required a perfect lamb be killed.  The blood that was spilled would cover the sins of many.  When Jesus died he represented the lamb whose blood covered the sins for all humanity for all time.

God’s grace furnishes life at the empty tomb.  Had Jesus died without resurrection He would be no different than any other god man or prophet.  When God breathed life back into Jesus His grace gave us life again.  We are not only forgiven but we have a new life and a life to come!

God’s grace fashions hope out of despair.  When you think life is over, God’s grace ushers in hope!  When you have nothing left but despair, God’s grace floods your moment with hope.  This hope is not just about Heaven to come someday in the future.  This grace-filled hope is for your right now!  Hope for your depression, breakups, breakdowns, fights, families, and jobs.  God’s grace give hope today!

God’s grace fixes the sting of death.  We, who have placed faith in the completed work of Jesus as sufficient for our needs, no longer have to fear death.  We have assurance of Heaven.  We have assurance of healing in the life to come.  No one likes the process of dying.  We fear it.  But we can hold our head high because of God’s grace that fixes the sting of death itself.

This grace is for you.  Enjoy!

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