4 Things When You Merge


The struggle is real folks.

At many intersections around our city, there is a special lane provided when turning.  This extra lane serves to assist you in merging with the traffic.  This private lane allows those turning to get up to speed with the flowing traffic. There is even a solid white line on the road to remind other motorists they cannot get into the special lane.  I don’t think many people realize this.  The merge lane is unused, abused by other motorists, and largely ignored.  The plight of the merge lane is real!

“So what”, you ask?  Really?  What difference does it really make? The plight of the merge lane affects us in these ways should this trend continue:

Dangerous (#pileup) there is a level of expectation that the driver will continue through the corner into the merge lane.

Expensive (#gasishighenough)– stopping, waiting, and starting again just wastes gas.

Frustrating (#roadrage) – for those in line waiting for someone to merge it is maddening.

Jesus calls us to merge.  We come to intersections in our lives and Jesus wants us to merge into the new direction He is taking us.  I feel that many believe once God has given a direction in life that He will never change it.  Maybe I’m slow or ignorant, but God has changed directions on me several times.  There is always the static nature of being moral, ethical, and obedient.  How that plays out in relationships, vocation, and interests can change.  God wants us to make the turn and merge.  Like the merge lane at intersections, He provides us the chance to get up to speed.  If we stop and wait for the “perfect” time look what can happen:

Wreck – if we stop when others think we should be going it can cause a pileup.  When I have stopped before my life has become like a pileup. The stress of that pileup can be overwhelming.

Extra Expenses – nearly every time, when I stop instead of merging, it costs me.  Sitting there waiting for the perfect time becomes expensive.  Sometimes that is money, often it is friends.  It might even cost you a job!

Frustration – for those who are waiting for, or watching, you it can be aggravating.  If you don’t merge, those who are under your influence suffer.  You suffer.  The added stress because you stopped when there is a special lane for you to get up to speed in weighs on you.

There are many intersections in life that we will need to merge in a new direction.  The flow of traffic might be slow or heavy as you make the turn.  The next time you find yourself needing to merge in a new direction with Jesus remember this:

  • Look ahead before you get there.
  • Keep moving.
  • Increase speed around the turn.
  • Merge.

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