Blow the Trumpet


What am I supposed to pray about?  How am I supposed to pray?  What is prayer anyway?

I hear these questions a lot.  You may have also asked these questions.  As I was reading through Numbers, I ran across an interesting part.

“When you arrive in your own land and go to war against your enemies who attack you, sound the alarm with the trumpets. Then the lord your God will remember you and rescue you from your enemies. Blow the trumpets in times of gladness, too, sounding them at your annual festivals and at the beginning of each month. And blow the trumpets over your burnt offerings and peace offerings. The trumpets will remind your God of his covenant with you. I am the lord your God.”

God wants us to realize that this thing we make mountains out of called prayer is relational communication.  He wants us to have chats, talks, discourses, and discussions with Him.  The idea of blow the trumpet here is that God wants to be a part of our everyday life.  Theologically, I know that He KNOWS everything.  Yet, I need to blow the trumpet on several types of occasions.

When Battle Lines are Drawn
During times of battle, the trumpet would be sounded to gather the army and begin war.  It was the sound all would wait for to begin battle.  We need to sound the alarms when needed.  I am thankful that in our denomination we have the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission to help us spread the word about moral and ethical issues we face today.  Yet, we also have our personal spiritual battles with money, family, and choices.  If we are to be as united as Jesus prayed in John 17, we must sound the alarm.  An easy way to do this is in your Sunday School group.  These groups are designed to help meet needs on many levels.  Don’t be afraid to blow the trumpet in prayer.  It is healthy for us to bring to God our battles.  God has not forgotten us, but we often forget God.  Prayer connects us.

When Life is Good
God reminds us here to sound the trumpets during the good times of life.  When the trumpet is blown, the details are not as important as is the public announcement of praise to God.  The private prayer moments of praise are also critical.

When the tax refund is more than expected.
When the kids do well in school.
When the doctor gives a clean bill of health.
When the bills get paid and money is left.
When your teen volunteers information in a conversation.

There are many reasons why we should sound the trumpet in prayer.  Our relationship is more than handouts.  We are to be grateful.

When You Don’t Want To
God includes here those times when you might not want to blow the trumpet.  When we have made poor choices, messed up, or walked away, we might not know how to return.  The prodigal son finally just walked back in humility and the father held a celebration.  Blowing the trumpet during these moments means that you are recognizing your relationship with God even thought you have messed up. You are not flaunting your sin, but flaunting the grace of God as he cleanses you from your stain.   Coming to God in these moments of the burnt or peace offerings is a sign of understanding our humanness and His holiness. 

When There is No Special Occasion
At the beginning of each month, is added in this reminder.  Interesting.  We are to blow our trumpet regularly in order to maintain that line of communication and understanding.  If we make God out to be a 911 call we lose sight of the relational aspect.  Think romance here.  Our marriages get stale because we forget to do the little things when there is no special occasion.  We can get up for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays but do we get excited about Thursdays?  What about Tuesdays?  No?  Why?  We forget that a relationship is not just about recognizing those special moments, but all the not-so-special ones too.

Trust me.  Your relationship with God will become more rich if these are included in your process of life.  Blow the trumpet.  Wait for God.  Watch your joy increase!

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