I see this a lot these days and it usually follows something wonderful that happened to somebody.

  • My kids didn’t kill themselves today…#blessed
  • My hair came together this morning…#blessed
  • My grandchild was born…#blessed
  • My husband bought me flowers…#blessed
  • I got a raise…#blessed
  • What a beautiful sunrise/sunset…#blessed
  • Sitting with my family around the fire…#blessed
  • Got to see old friends today…#blessed

It goes on and on.  For those who like to use it as a way of giving thanks to God, be #blessed.  However, I think our culture is shaping us to only think of being #blessed by God when good things happen.  In fact, I would suggest to you that we are so controlled by our culture that it would feel awkward to say you were #blessed when something goes wrong.  People would comment that you might be losing it.  Others might tell you that you are being spiteful, hateful, rude, crude, and otherwise inhumane to speak of being #blessed even when bad things happen. Gary Smalley’s 10th Key is to allow the trials of your life to become #blessed moments for you today.

Was Abraham #blessed to be chosen by God to sacrifice Isaac or only when God stopped him?  MOST of us would say the latter.  How could we say someone is #blessed by the former?  God called Abraham.  God provided him with a son.  God was purifying his faith and motives through this moment.  I believe Abraham was #blessed both ways.

Was Noah #blessed during the years of building or just when he was safe in the boat?  When we are criticized for our beliefs we do not think that as a wonderful thing.  We don’t like to be singled out, made fun of, or rejected because of our faith.  We want to hide it, relax the standards, or ignore Christ because being persecuted is not being #blessed by today’s standards.  However, Jesus said we are blessed when we are persecuted for His name’s sake as the Gospel is being lived out.  I guess the 21 were #blessed, then.

It is really a matter of perspective.  It takes an enormous amount of energy to acknowledge that you are #blessed even during the difficult times.

  • When the car breaks down you can still be #blessed since God is teaching you trust.
  • When you fight with your child you can still be #blessed because God is increasing your patience and communication.
  • When you face loss, grief, or tragedy you can still be #blessed because God is teaching you reliance on Him.
  • When find yourself alone and in the dark you can still be #blessed because God is there with you.
  • When your kids move away you can still be #blessed

Being #blessed is more than publicizing all the good things that happen to you.  Swim on out into the deeper waters of spiritual maturity.  The water may be colder and you can’t touch the bottom, but you are #blessed because God is there too!

Challenge:  Find a way to express that you are #blessed no matter the situation.


  1. I would never become a writer had I not spent twenty-some years watching my husband die a hard, horrible death due to complications from diabetes. He went blind, then lost the use of his legs. He had no escape, but I found comfort in writing. I wrote a novel, which will never see a publisher’s desk, but it held my soul. I began journaling, recounting not only the events of our lives, but the feelings as we walked our path with God. I’m thankful that Duane is in heaven with Jesus. And out of that struggle, I am blessed to learn a craft and to touch people’s lives with stories of God’s love.

  2. You are so right. We are blessed because of the fact that we have the one and true God in our life, no matter the situation or the pain we may be in, what we should do is focus on God and praise Him for that is what He desires us to do. Then and only then can our hearts and eyes be open to what He is doing in our lives during our times of trials.

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