Roman Togas to Racism: What Can We Learn?


From Animal House to Old School, fraternities have received much recognition for their antics over the years, but none so like what we have watched these past few days.  The SAE chant that has gone viral is terrible.  The fact that in the same week NYT posts a Selma march with Bush and Obama makes it incredulous!  Racism has no place in our world today, though it still rises from the ashes from time to time.  There is to be no value judgment based on color.

Neither Jew nor Greek

Racism is such an ugly business.  Regardless of your spiritual, economic, or political position racism must stop.  As a believer, we ought to understand that none of that matters when it comes to evangelism.  Paul wrote to Rome that “there is neither Jew nor Greek, male or female, slave or free…”  Sharing the Gospel has no racial boundaries.  Racial differences will not matter when we stand before Jesus.  It should not make any difference today either.  One is no better than another.  We all have sinned and fallen short.  We all must go through Jesus.  All of us.

Where it all started…

The idea that some are better than others has been going on for years. Jon Acuff raised awareness in his book Stuff Christians Like. I am not sure where it started. I think it might have started with Noah, unintentionally of course, since he walked with God and all. However, when you have been chosen to build and ride the boat while everyone else drowns you might be tempted to start thinking you’re better than others. At least, Russell Crowe did, but that doesn’t count (Read more).   Maybe it was Samson who killed the donkey then took the jawbone and killed a bunch of Philistines. Maybe it was the monarchy. It could have started with Charlemagne when he forced the conversion of thousands. Was it the Crusades? I am thinking this may have been the high point of the “we-are-better-than-you” debate. When politics and the church agree to unleash holy terror on any group we have a problem.

Cease and Desist

The time to stop is now.  Dr. King addressed the crowd with the sentiment that the content of one’s character should outweigh the color of their skin.  Here we are years later embroiled in the same issues.  I applaud SAE National for shutting down the chapter.  I hope that UT-Austin does not find the same problem.  When will it end?  When we all come to the same understanding that it is by the same God we are created.  It is by one God that we will be judged.  There are not different lines for different types.  There is one line, one God, one faith, one baptism, one Heaven.

All Nations, Tribes, and Tongues

What we do on Earth is a warm-up for Heaven.  There is no segregation in Heaven and there should be none on Earth.  We are one family in Jesus, for those who have placed their trust in His death, burial, and resurrection as sufficient.  Let us stand together.  Let us serve together.  Let us share together.  May we salvage for our children a more honest future than our past.  I champion the truth today that none are better than anyone else. No one is righteous. Not even one, except for Jesus. None of us are right. When those words were penned by Paul to the church at Rome he was writing to Christians. None were right. None are right. The “right-ness” we claim to have is not even our own, it is Jesus’. The stain of sin all over our lives has been cleansed. We now have access to God, Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. May the attitude of being “better-than-you” never surface.

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