America Has Hit the Snooze Button

Snooze Button

Bobby was leading his group of men in Vietnam.  The one who was supposed to stand guard watching the edge of camp had fallen asleep.  This wasn’t the first time.  Bobby decided he would do something about it this time more than before.  He crept up to the position of the sleeping guard and straddled his body.  From his back belt he retrieved a meat cleaver and proceeded to whack the soldier’s helmet with it all the while yelling “Wake up! Wake up!”  That soldier never slept on duty again.

From Blurred Lines to beheadings, America we must wake up!  We cannot slumber in our bed of prosperity and indifference any longer.  Pearl Harbor happened and then we went to sleep.  Christianity was forced out of our public institutions and our government and we went to sleep.  9/11 happened and we woke up for a bit and then went back to sleep.  Each time we grumbled for a while about the inconveniences or inconsistencies and then rolled over again.  Now we are being scoffed at again, only this time the knife is being pointed specifically at Christians.

The alarm clock is ringing.  Please don’t hit the snooze again!

We already hit the snooze on morality.  The ideas of what are right and pure have been altered not only in our country but in our churches.  We are not aligning ourselves with scripture as much as we are emotion and opinion.  If a group of well-meaning believers feel that the Biblical mandate is too harsh then it must not be for our time.  We pick and choose around that which is uncomfortable and settle in to the coziness of public opinion, emotion, and what “seems” right.

We already hit the snooze on values.  The idea of worth has been altered as well.  Our kids don’t feel valued unless they match what Photoshop has done to the covers of magazines.  What is valued is personal rights more than the precious riches of Christ.  We have devalued human life, which God created.  We have over-valued body image.  We have devalued holiness and over-valued choice and opinion.  We have over-valued human rights and devalued God’s sovereignty.

We already hit the snooze on spirituality.  We have abdicated all responsibility in this matter to either professional ministry or God Himself.  We have created a church culture that expects the paid people to perform for us so we feel better about our worship and our week.  We live in a culture where personal responsibility is replaced by placing blame on parents, circumstances, weather, and God.  It is always someone else’s fault as to why we choose to do what we did.  What was designed as a relationship with God has become a religion about God.

It’s time to wake up!

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