How To Be the Right One For The Job


A recent graduating class of a university was asked whether or not they had any leads on a job.  Not one raised their hand.  We send our kids off to school with the intent of them graduating, getting a good job, and getting off of the “house payroll”.  Unfortunately, we are seeing more return home unable to launch into their lives.  We could debate the reasons for this indefinitely on why launching is not happening.

  • Too busy playing to get a job
  • Unable to commit
  • Parents not cutting strings to promote independence
  • Economy is not in hiring mode

All of these reasons could be actual ones for you.  So how can we be the right one for the job?  How can we increase our chances of getting hired?

“The lord has gifted Bezalel, Oholiab, and the other skilled craftsmen with wisdom and ability to perform any task involved in building the sanctuary. Let them construct and furnish the Tabernacle, just as the lord has commanded.”

  1. Develop your spiritual connection. You have been designed to do certain things well.  God has given you abilities, interests, passions, and direction.  Finding the right job means to start with your spiritual connection.  Getting into closer touch with God allows you to know what job is meant for you.  We can all go “get a job”, but there is no joy in those positions.  When we discover what it is God has designed for us to be and to do we find greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and ultimately, joy!  Think deeply.  Pray fervently.  Listen attentively.  Follow completely.
  2. Identify your spiritual convictions. Once you have come to an understanding of the general job direction it is important to note your spiritual convictions.  As with anything in life, there is good and bad available.  As you begin the application and interview process, scope out the company.  Also, don’t let the company ask all the questions in the interview.  If given the chance, ask your own questions.  These questions might include scenarios of ethical and moral dilemmas.  You don’t want to be caught in an Enron if you can avoid it!  Knowing what your spiritual convictions are will allow you to shape questions that will let you know where the company, management, or direct report stand on important issues.

Entering the job market, re-entering the market, or finding a new place in the market are all occurring right now.   Be patient and wait for God to reveal your course of action.  But also be proactive by developing your spirituality and identifying your convictions.

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