Why Not Running Beast Mode Should Be Important to You


There was less than a minute to go and the Hawks were on the 1 yard line.  Marshawn Lynch is basically unstoppable from this distance.  Down by 4 and a touchdown is required.  On second down, the Seahawks chose to….PASS?  Wait.  What?  Why in the world would you pass on 2nd down from the 1 when you have Beast Mode, aka Lynch, in the backfield?  Wilson threw an interception and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick raised the Lombardi Trophy.

Why is this important to you?  Because it goes on all around us every day and I believe it goes unnoticed and unchecked most of the time.  How?  Here are 5 moments when not doing the obvious can cause you to lose.

Moment #1  When the promotion is based on politics rather than productivity.

Being politically correct makes many decisions these days and so do politics.  Every organization has their fair share.  The employee keeps getting raises and promotion due to length of tenure more than productiveness.  The promotion goes to the candidate who can grease the wheel more than the one who should be promoted.  Avoid the in-game fight and just run the obvious – Beast Mode.

Moment #2  When the hire is based on gender or nepotism rather than the best candidate.

You have a position that has become vacant.  You post it on Monster and ZipRecruiter and the resumes begin pouring in to the office.  The obvious choice is to choose the best qualified candidate who fits into the vision, direction, and necessary responsibilities.  Yet, when we decide one gender is unfit are we really being objective?  When we decide that the boss’ child will get the position and gathering resumes is just a process we pass rather than run.

Moment #3  When evaluation and accountability isn’t engaged because it doesn’t feel right.

Pete Carroll said that they did not want to run against their goal line defense.  How is that working for you while you watch Tom Brady lift the trophy?  Do what is obvious and right.  When we do not hold our employees to a standard with accountability we are not doing anybody any good.

Moment #4  When you refuse to address issues with your child because you did the same things as a kid yourself.

This goes something like this, “I drank in High School how could I tell my kids not to?”  Or, “I used drugs and slept around so I don’t feel I have the right to tell my kids not to?”  This is probably the most dangerous moment because it affects the next generation or two.  You have every responsibility to instruct them.  Don’t pass.  Run!

Moment #5  When you say “Yes” because “No” is harder.

We like to live dangerous, I suppose.  We say “Yes” to so many awful things just because “No” is harder.   We say “Yes” to seconds and desert.  We say “Yes” to the couch because working out is too hard.  We say “Yes” to websites, interludes, and sexting though we know we shouldn’t.  Marriages and families have been devastated simply because we didn’t run beast mode and we passed on the obvious!

Making the right choices at the right times makes all the difference.  Choose wisely!

There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.  Proverbs 14:12

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