3 Reasons Duck Dynasty Should Quit


The Day the Duck Died

I have been a loyal fan of Duck Dynasty for 6 seasons, but this season I might be done.  I came late to the game when it comes to this show.  It was already in season 4, I think, when I borrowed the first 3 seasons on DVD from a friend.  I read Phil’s book and Si’s book.  Each night our family would watch an episode as we caught up together.  We have watched them all, or nearly all through these 6 seasons.

I am encouraged when I hear them interviewed.  I believe it is exceptional when they speak about faith, family, and ducks.  They share the Gospel in so many ways.  For that, I am very grateful.  When A&E wanted to remove Phil, I thought it was a class act in the way the Robertson clan responded.
But that’s the real life not the reality show.  Then the duck died.

All Quacked Up

1.  Cultural Quacks.  The Duckmen need to be who they are, but why do we need to keep poking fun at other cultures and ways?  The Scotland trip is ridiculous.  Willie keeps making a fool of himself and we keep watching.  A man who runs such a successful business cannot be that stupid right?  I have lost the humor in the “playing stupid” bit.  Jeb cannot fathom getting in a car that small and argues with the guy.  Different culture means different customs.  Learn them rather than make fun of them.

2.  Family Quacks.  Si used to be funny.  Now he seems like a homeless man tweaking.  He comes up with some of the weirdest stuff and is beligerent about it, too.  The “Si-isms” have moved into a different space than before.  Is he losing his mind, or just the family quack.  Of course, this is not to mention how disrespectful the guys are toward him and Phil.  I wouldn’t stand for that level in my home, why should we be watching it?

3.  Money Quacks.  We get it.  You’re rich.  It’s obvious to me that others in the family are not as happy about the expenses.  Willy spends obscene amounts of money on insignificant things. This isn’t the first family to do this.  I am just tired of it. There is a representation of blowing money without responsibility.  Typical Americans.  The problem is that I don’t care to embrace those behaviors or have my kids think money is not a real thing that must be earned, tithed, saved, and spent wisely.

Cook ‘Em Up
Duck Dynasty needs to quit.  Phil gets crankier every season and Kay is made to look dimwitted.  The boys do nothing but fight on the air and make fun of family and others.  They all gather together for a prayer and a meal at the end of the show.  While that is good, it doesn’t make up for the actions throughout the rest of the episode.

Here’s a thought:  Let a Robertson marry a Kardashion.  Let’s see what happens then!

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