7 Types of Restoration


Like fresh fallen snow before a step is made so is today and the next 364.  2015 begins now and you have a brand new chance.  Last year may have been perfect for you and cannot get any better.  For the rest of us, every new year brings the opportunity to forget what lies behind and press on to what lies ahead.  The pain, regret, sorrow, grief, shame, dismissal, brokenness can all be put away.  I know for most of us there is something we would like some help to enhance.  God wants, and will by your faith choice, to restore 6, no 7, things in your life this year.

The other day I let you in on some sermon prep of mine as I shared how God can give a New You for the New Year. There is more.  Which one of these is your greatest need as we start the new year?

1.  Joy
2.  Productivity
3.  Hope
4.  Confidence
5.  Future
6.  Victory
7.  Eternity

Which one do you need the most?  Maybe you need several.  Here’s what you do.  Go to the Lowe’s, Home Depot, or your local hardware store and get a stake.  Get a sharpie marker and write the one(s) you need and “Isaiah 54”.  Every day take your stake and God’s Word and pray…

“God restore ______ to me.  I give you my head to learn more about You and Your Word.  I give you my heart to love deeper.  I give you my hands to serve greater.  Possess me.  God, restore me.”

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