A New You This New Year


The New Year could also bring a new you!

Don’t we all get to this last week and cannot wait for the New Year’s Day?  Something within us kicks in as we approach this day.  The anticipation of a new year is exhilarating.  We begin thinking about all the good and bad of the prior year and start to make plans for no regrets in the new year.  We make plans.  We write down outrageous commitments.  We resolve.  What if we could just be restored?  What if there was a way, a process, of being restored to the best “you” you have ever known?  What if there was a way to guard against those regrets in the new year?

There is.

God has plans for you.  He does not want to harm you, but help you.  He does not want to hold you back but propel you into the best path.  The plan God has for you is unique to you.  He wishes to restore you to a better position than before.  If we will come back to Him, since we have run off doing our own thing, He will bring restoration.  Come to Him.  Confess your wrong.  Commit to deeper relationship.  That is your part.  (This presupposes you have entered a relationship with God through Jesus Christ as some other time. For more information about starting a relationship, look here.)

What could you expect from this restoration?

Reading Isaiah 54 I found 3 points of restoration.  Israel had been under God’s discipline and were now getting ready to go back home.  God, in His infinite glory and grace was going to restore them in these 3 ways.  I believe that you who have been wayward, nominal, affiliated, or distracted can be restored in these 3 ways also if you do as expressed earlier.

Here they are:

  1. Restore the JOY. How many of us are just not happy?  So many I find have no joy either.  Life has hit hard.  Situations beyond control, some even under control, have created a moment, month, or year that has devastated and/or depressed.  We long for joy and peace.  Our very beings stretch toward any sign of hope.  God wants to restore your joy.  He wants to bring peace to your heart.
  2. Restore the PRODUCTIVITY. We spin our wheels.  We work hard but feel like nothing is accomplished.  We get our pay and wonder where it went by the next day.  Mortgages, debts, fights, and sickness all weigh us down under a pile of bills and guilt.  God wants restore your production.  He will guide you through and give the ability to be busy and beneficial.  He wishes for you, though seemingly insignificant, will begin to make greater impacts at home, work, school, and play.
  3. Restore your CONFIDENCE. If God is for us, who could ever stand against us?  Your confidence will return because of the forgiveness of sin and right standing with God.  Confidence will return because of the strong love of God.  No longer will you feel deserted and destitute, but will be delivered by the very hand of God!

The new year could bring a new you, but not through resolving to do so.  Seek God.  Stay near Him.  Be restored!

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