It’s Christmas!


Christmas Time is here!

Friday, not Thursday, really gets the holidays pumping.  We say thank you all day and in a variety of ways on Thursday, but on Friday we push, pull, and charge our way through for more.  Black Friday is a well-known event, though not an official holiday (yet).  Store owners wistfully dream of coming back to a profit setting at the close of business and many will.

How did you spend your Friday?  Were you one that gave up and stayed as far away as possible?  Were you one that gave in and shopped but did not camp?  Were you that one who gave it your all and combed through every possible ad and put together a map and schedule for every store in order to fulfill your whole list in one day?

Many I know poke fun and ridicule those who “go all out” for this day.  In some ways, I am one of those who mock you.  Why?  I think it has to do more with the level of importance in the big picture.  We talk about giving our all, giving 110%, or being “all in”.  When we put the same importance across the board there is a loss of priority.  When we “leave it all” on the field for a game but cannot “give our all” to the things of Christ we have skewed our system.

What if we gave our all to the things of Christ?

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

God could have given up on us.  He could have thrown up His hands and said, “If you can’t earn it, you don’t get it.”  He could have just held us to the sacrificial system.  Giving up means that there is no hope any longer under the weight of an angry God.

God could have given in and walked away.  Who’s to say He could not have just gone and created another universe with a new Adam and Eve and left us.  How horrible!  Giving in means we are alone.

God gave us His all.  He gave us Jesus.  He gives us hope.  He gives us Himself.

What will you give?

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