Freedom’s Not Free

I heard this song years ago and it is true.  The freedom’s we enjoy seem free to us, but actually have a heavy price.  On this day annually, we celebrate and remember those who have fought and died for the freedom’s we cherish.  I have family and friends that have served, with some still serving.  Several years ago, I preached a sermon series concerning the brotherhood of Christians in this spiritual war.  We interviewed several veterans for clips and found them to be so touching!  These men and women have seen and experienced things they cannot talk about even today.  The atrocities of war have so indelibly marked their soul that one even felt the hope of salvation was possibly breached because of fulfilling the duties of the commander!

Thank you to those who have served.  Whether in war or peace, you have provided for our protection and freedom.  You have allowed us to enjoy life beyond our imagination.

Thank you to those who now serve.  You hold high the banner of freedom over us and may we never take that for granted.

Let’s remember a few tips every time Old Glory is raised and the anthem is played:

  1. Stand up. I don’t care if you just got situated with your drink and nachos.   I really don’t.  Please rise and honor that which has stood for freedom…YOUR freedom.
  2. Take off your hat. I realize we live in a casual culture, but your hat hair will not adversely affect the playing of the national anthem or honoring the symbol of the flag.
  3. Put your hand over your heart. To me, this is a sign of respect and allegiance.  I would never put country above God, but let us recognize that we have something special and should give ourselves to it as good citizens of Heaven and this World.
  4. Either sing or be quiet. Let’s stop having conversations during this time. It is 2 minutes, it can wait.  Unless you are training up your child, either sing or be silent.  Those who have died or been forever maimed as a result of service are due the respect of our silence.
  5. Hold accountable those who refuse to do so but demand millions of dollars from us whether they are in professional sports or the White House.

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