Can We Truly Co-Exist?

Why is it that the SBC and LGBT decide to get together the week of Halloween?  Is it because they could not bear to take off their masks?  At any rate, before people start thinking the SBC has “changed their stance”, please read this report.

The SBC still believes that homosexuality is wrong.  However, those who have sparked controversy over the past 30 years have decided to take their heads out of the sand and at least recognize its presence, albeit, a presence that is still one’s choice.  The Bible expresses to love people, but we have not always done that and should repent.  Yet, we are not called to embrace the sinful choice of anyone regardless.  For this reason, a church was recently(last month) removed from the list of cooperating churches.

The issue at hand is this: where is the line between embracing a human and condoning a sin?  This has been our problem for YEARS!  In an effort to hold high the value and authority of scripture we have also bullied and demeaned our fellow-man.  Scripture is clear that homosexuality is wrong citing both in Leviticus and Romans.  It is also clear that God does not force us into a position of sin being the only option.

We are given a choice.  Obviously, for those trapped within any issue there is the feeling that no choice exists.  The nurturing part of life can be so convincing that there does not seem to be a way out, but there is always hope in Jesus Christ!  He provides the way to freedom and promise.  I do not claim to understand the nature/nurture issue with regards to homosexuality except what Scripture teaches.  It, like every other sin, is wrong.  Yet, God can forgive and provide strength and support through a faith-based relationship in Jesus Christ to return to God’s way of design.  We are to love people and lead them to Jesus.

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