3 Critical Calls for Moving Day


Moving can be a joyful and stressful!  We are closing on our new home soon and have spent time calling the utility companies to ensure that there will be no interruption of service.  For those who may not know, service does not automatically transfer to new owners.  That convenience would be handy, but a call has to be made in order for service to transfer into the new name.  There is a certain amount of personal information needed to process the request.  In some cases, options are available and a decision has to be made: which service do I want?

As I sat there on the phone with 3 different companies, it dawned on me that transferring service is much like putting your faith in Jesus.


Before you put faith in Jesus, there is no service in your life.  Water always represents life, both in Scripture and other literature.  Hydration is critical to the vital organs to survive.  Death is the result of lack of water.  Before Jesus you simply had trash and sewer piling up in the backyard of your life.

When you transfer service, Jesus brings life and cleansing.  Through confession and repentance your spiritual sewage and garbage is being handled.  You couldn’t do anything with it, but Jesus can.


Before you transfer service to Jesus, there is no clean power.  The company you use before Jesus supplies a certain amount, but it is dirty energy and cuts out regularly.  You find the breakers in your life blowing and appliances breaking down because of the inconsistency.  Customer support is useless because they don’t care.  Your climate is unbearable and dark.

When you transfer service, Jesus brings clean power that allows light and climate control again.  His energy is very efficient, able to distribute power to every corner of your life.


Not every home has this, but ours will.  Providing warmth of air and water.  I stood in a bathroom in Africa where I took a bucket bath with cold water.  Trust me, you want warmth in Texas Panhandle winters!  Before Jesus, life is cold.

When you transfer service, Jesus brings warmth to your life that was absent before.


This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!


Have you transferred service?  Do you feel stuck and cannot make a decision?  Make the call and ask God to transfer your service by faith in Jesus today.

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