Cartography and the Christian

terrestrial globe

“Ok Google”


“What is the distance between Chicago and Santa Monica?”

“The drive between Chicago Illinois and Santa Monica, California is 2031 miles.”

Maps today are so different.  I remember keeping maps in the map pockets of the vehicle, which now are used for trash.  Whenever travelling, I would bring the maps in and pour over them to make sure we were going to take the right path.  Now we just speak to the phone and it will tell you how to get where you want to go.  Maps…

  1. Reveal big picture in small-scale
  2. Communicates information of terrain, distances in ways all can understand
  3. Guides and shows roads and options
  4. Helps in planning for the trip

The Bible is our map as followers of Jesus.  It reveals the big picture in small-scale.  Consider that in one book you can become aware of the universal problem, solution, and current issues.  If you were to sit and read it like a novel, it might take a while but the revelation would be incredible.  The Bible communicates information important to the journey.  Is this portion smooth or bumpy?  Are there unexpected curves ahead?  The cool thing about the GPS on the phone is that it will also tell you how heavy the traffic is ahead and provide a different route.  Did you know the Bible can also?

Your life is a trip.  Like any trip it helps to have maps and navigation so that you can enjoy the journey.  There can be joy in this life; hope in this life.  The Bible gives us these since it leads us to God.

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.


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