Fulfillment, Family, and the Multi-Tasker


One of the joys of being a kid is singular focus.  When I was a kid, I don’t remember having to worry about juggling responsibilities.  As an adult, I have various responsibiities that demand attention.  Such responsibilities include: Husband, father, pastor, preacher, son, son-in-law, friend.  Involved in each of these responisbilities are vows/promises that have been made.  Some of these are not issue, some require time and attention, and others are downright difficult at times.

Husband – at our wedding 20 years ago, I vowed several things that will continue until death parts us.  Such things include love and honor.  However, unwritten promises also include provision of food, shelter, clothing, and shoes.  I promised to listen.  I promised to fill the gas and mow the yard.  I promised to take care of Dulcie and her needs.  Every spouse has the vocal and unwritten promises

Father – every father has made promises simply by being a parent.  We have promised to feed, clothe, and nurture them.  For someone with a teenage boy that ets all the time and grows constantly that can be difficult to maintain.  We have promised to listen, love, and learn with them.

Pastor/Preacher – I combine these here, but there are differences.  The preacher has to get sermons and presentations ready.  The pastor must shepherd.  Whatever your vocation, you have promised to fulfill duties, have integrity, work hard, be on time, and more!

Son/Son-in-law – Regardless of being in my 40’s, I am still the child of my parents and my wife of hers.  We have promised to h is more thaonor and respect.  We also have promised to call, help with computer needs, cell phones, end of life discussions for will and testiments, and other as needed items. 

Friend – everyone has friends.  We want to connect, communicate, and spend time with them.  We Facebook, Instagram, and more to stay in touch.

Most of you will have all of these same types of responsibilities in your life, written and unwritten.  How we go about fulfilling these promises is important.  The Psalmist writes,

Then I will sing praises to your name forever as I fulfill my vows each day.

Did you realize that as you go through your day fulfilling your vows that you are praising God?  Did you know that you are worshipping God as you do this?  Worship is more than the 75 minutes we spend in the sanctuary on Sunday.  In fact, that time should be “game time” for all of the practice you have done through the week as you have worshipped God by obedience.  Let us consider that what we do in church is not to fill the tank for the week, but to perform for God in the best way possible.

You will play no better than you practice.  Practice hard today!!

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