Home Inspections and the Holy Spirit



Before the purchase of a new home, nearly everyone will tell you to get a home inspection.  The inspector will come by the house and do a thorough walk through and around citing everything that is a problem, issue, hazard, and need for the home.  One such inspection I viewed was 43 pages!  I do not think 1 square inch of the house was overlooked.  Without it, the new owner might be getting into a situation that becomes a money pit.  Or worse, the house could go up in smoke because of faulty wiring or some other issue.  Neither party involved wants to be made so completely aware, but it does need to happen.

People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.

In the case of buying and selling homes, full disclosure is important.  If the seller does not disclose, the inspector will probably find it anyway.  Further, the inspection will reveal deeper and more detailed items also.  Once the inspection is done it is up to the buyer and seller to negotiate  what is fixed and by whom.


The Holy Spirit will comb through the areas of thought, heart, motivation, behavior, and more to uncover the needs in order for us to live a holy life.  Like an inspector, he does not force His way into your life.  He waits for an invitation.  The report He provides is exact.  Have you called for one lately?


Once the wrong has been revealed, there is a series of negotiations to determine the next steps.  There are some wrongs in your life that only God can fix.  As the Creator, he has the power to fix them.  He desires to see us living a whole life filled with joy!  There are some things though, that can be fixed through God’s assistance.  Finally, others that you just need to handle.  Paul had a thorn in the flesh and was told God’s grace was sufficient.  In other words, God does expect us to work at it too.


Confession and repentance bring healing to your mind, body, heart, and soul.  If we let our lives spiral down into disrepair we will face complications.  Anxiety, stress, and chaos will wreak havoc.

My suggestion is to call in the inspector as often as possible.  It may not be fun at first, but as you become aware of what to be doing on your own then it will have lasting effects that will create new joy in your heart.

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