Christians Change Mind Say, “There is no God!”


In an unheard of move from the Christian community, scores of believers turn against their object of worship and cry, “There is no God!”  Reports are coming in from every corner of the planet.  It seems that it defies age, geography, and denomination.  Playgrounds, classrooms, grocery stores, malls, businesses, and church offices are affected as each experiences this phenomenon.

What is happening?

  • Children are flocking to school with no regard to their fellow student.
  • Classrooms are populated with those filled with hate, anger, malice, and lust.
  • Stores and malls have aisles filled with people consumed with worry, anxiety, guilt, and shame.
  • Workplaces have those who gossip, steal, cheat, and more to gain an advantage.
  • Church personnel are backbiting with envy and jealousy.


What went wrong?

Thousands of years ago the words, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” were penned in what is now called Psalm 53:1 in the Christian Bible.  What does this mean?  We must trace, to the root, what would cause of person to make this claim.  While many I know would never actually speak the words “There is no God”, lives are overrun with attitudes and actions that do.  Seemingly insignificant, millions of followers of Christ do exactly what Peter did: deny Him.  As you read this you cry out as did those in Malachi’s time, “How did we ever deny?”

  • We deny Him access.
  • We deny Him authority.
  • We deny Him our abilities.
  • We deny Him our associations.
  • We deny Him our attitudes.
  • We deny Him our activities.
  • We deny Him our affluence.

Let us be careful that, while our mouths may not say the words, our lives will.  What is your life saying right now?

Dear God,

Right now I confess that I have denied you before others in one or more of these ways mentioned.  Cleanse me of this wrong and create a rightness of thought, action, and speech in my life now.  My faith is in Jesus’ death burial and resurrection.  May my following be sound and sure.


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