What Number Will We Wear?


Everyone is talking about Lebron and what number he will wear as he returns to the Cavs.  Will he wear 23, which he wore last at Cleveland?  Will he wear 6, the number he chose as he went to Miami?  It seems there is even an online poll for the public to help him decide which number to choose.

What number will Southern Baptists choose?

In 1950, one person was baptized for every 19 members of SBC churches. In 1978, the baptismal ratio increased to 36 to 1, and by 2003 the number had climbed to 43 to 1. A lower ratio is desired. (1)  Each year about this time every SBC church puts together the annual reports and statistics for their church.

What number will the SBC pick this year?

Will we continue the decline?  Will they try to say we are at least better than if the CBF had remained after the conservative resurgence?  It would be more honorable to just own what the number is without concessions.  Each church makes a difference.  Well, actually, each member makes a difference.  Here are the 4 ways I see that the SBC can have a better number.

1.  Stop being like ACORN.  Actually remove all those who have died or moved away.  This would lower our membership records and create a better number.

2.  Start re-baptizing.  Bring in a good enough evangelist and they will talk all the people out of salvation so they can “really” get saved and then baptized again.  This would give a better number.

3.   Pay the pastor more.  This should really get his juices flowing and that should help win more to Jesus.

4.  You the reader…go share Jesus.

Which number should we pick this year?  Which number will you pick this year?

One comment

  1. Thanks for the great article. However, I do wonder how many of those who were baptized in 1950 were truly regenerated and born again by the Spirit of God. Do you think its possible people during that time were more tempted to get baptized out of a sense of “cultural norm” obligations from family and friends? It could also be the case that churches aren’t preaching the gospel like they used to. Although if you think about the SBC, it’s become more religiously conservative and theologically sound thanks to the leadership of Southern Seminary’s Dr. Albert Mohler and the new president on Ethics, Dr. Russell Moore. In the 1950s, the SBC was predominately liberal, not preaching on the sufficiency of Scripture, of Christ, and justification by faith alone. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter.

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