Do These 4 Things When Life Happens

This is just one tale of how life can hit you.  Rarely do you find the fairytale stories of everything going right.  Actually, even the fairy tales have their moments.  The Happily Ever After is a nice thought but not reality.  If we superimpose fantasy onto our reality we will be sorely disappointed.  It is there I find most people.   When life happens what do we do?

Lean on Others

This presupposes you have developed relationships.  These relationships, whether friends or family, can be of emotional or tangible help through the difficult moments of life.  Carl did not have anyone to lean on and it caused him to become bitter.  Life will happen.  Will you become bitter or better?


Find inspiration in something and invest in it.  A bad day, week, year, or tragic event can create a wormhole leading to depression and anxiety.  Finding inspiration can bring you positive energy as well.  God has created an entire world to inspire us to that which is greater than ourselves.  Where do you find your?  Investing in something outside of yourself helps you to balance your focus.  Thinking only of yourself can become a problem.  Investing in something, or someone, else shifts your thinking to a more positive position.  In this you can find healing.


As life brings its gifts and its smack-downs, thinking through the value of people, places, and more in your life provides perspective and opportunity.  Often, we don’t recognize the value until we have it no longer.  Understanding this value and showing appreciation, while we can, helps us to manage the difficulties in our lives.  We can, without regret, express that we did not leave anything behind or to chance.

Establish Goals

A great leadership quote concerning insanity:  Insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results.  If we just do nothing, we become unhealthy.  Establishing short, mid, and long-range goals helps you to focus on a plan rather than pain.


We have heard it said, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Drink up today!

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