Show Ready


“Is your room clean?”

“Uh….yes?” My son replied with that upward tone at the end that made me pause and ask again.

“Are you sure? “


“How clean is it?”


Levels of Clean

Now, you might think that last question is some joke.  It is not.  We have several levels of clean in our home: kid clean, parent clean, party ready, show ready.  Our kids have learned the difference between these, but are slow on the actual cleaning part.  We recently added that last one because we are trying to sell our home.  We can tell our kids to clean their room, but that does not mean I can tell a difference!  The routine cleaning and straightening is the low end of the cleaning.  Yet, there is still a difference between their version and my version.  I tend to ask, “If you looked with my eyes would it be clean?”  We make them step it up a bit for parties and gatherings in our home.  As we have tried to sell our home there is the added category of “show ready”.  This is absolute clean.


Levels of Conquer

But if you fail to drive out the people who live in the land, those who remain will be like splinters in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will harass you in the land where you live.

The people were told that it is imperative they drive out the inhabitants of the land.  If they did not completely conquer the land it would hurt them later.  As you read Joshua you find out what happened.  The people decided to just “shove it all under the bed” and call it clean.  The people had one idea and God had another.  Because they did not completely conquer the land and people, they became distracted and started worshipping other gods.  It became a bigger mess and more work than if they had just handled it from the beginning.

Levels of Confession

Life has a way of getting us dirty.  At times I cannot understand how my child’s room can get messy so quick.  Isn’t life the same?  How can we get so deep so quick?  How did we get here?  Why did we make that choice?  As we come before God and to confess and repent there are certainly times when we just do a spot check and quick clean.  We must make time for the deeper cleaning, too.

As my daughter finished her room and it was show ready she was giddy with excitement.  In all the days of cleaning it had never been this clean before!  She loved it!  Even “party ready” days were mostly about organizing and shifting things around.  Now her room was absolutely clean.  She wants to keep it that way from now on (her words, not my sentiment).  When we take the time to come clean, show ready clean, before God you will feel unbelievable joy and freedom.

Giving the once over of “forgive my sins” is nothing more than organizing and shifting things around.  No real cleaning has happened.  When we begin to name them one at a time, confess the action and motivation, apologize for the harm done, and seek guidance on not repeating the action you are becoming “show ready”.  Now all who look at your life can marvel at the beauty they find because Jesus is shining through!

Are you show ready today?

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