Going Up the Hill


“The Hill” was the location for all disputes to be handled.  If someone had a grudge a date would be set to meet on the Hill and a reckoning would happen.  At least once a week the ripple effect of High School murmuring would reveal the 2 who were needing to reach a verdict.  As you might have guessed this was nothing more than an old school fight.  The first to relent, quit, or pass out lost the verdict.  The winner stood tall and everyone left.  The time was always the same – right after school.  Often, these moments rose because of one person’s testimony/manipulation of the facts.  At times, it wasn’t even that good.

Moses is instructing Israel on how to handle judgments involving accusations being made.  A case could not be made on one person’s testimony. It took 2 or 3 to make something stick. More important, the accusers had to be the first to throw the stone if the accusation warranted such a verdict.  In those cases, one would really need to think before bringing up something to the courts.

We need to learn to think before we speak.  In the case of this passage, a person’s life was at stake. In the courts of social media and the office it is easy to kill a person’s reputation, financial gain, or family with the rush to judgment and consequent conversation we have with others.  I found the following on Pinterest (don’t judge me) and believe it is worthy of your time today.

T- is it true?

H- is it helpful?

I- is it inspiring?

N- is it necessary?

K- is it kind?

Before we rush to judgment, before we talk about someone else, consider these 5 quick questions.  ONE “no” is enough for you to pause and reconsider what you are about to say or do.

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