3 Must-Do’s to Avoid the Long Way Home


It was 6:42 am as I bolted out of the house and hustled down the hill.  I had 3 minutes to make it down and back up the hill to the bus stop.  I heard it coming before I saw it and hoped the driver would wait just a minute.  The clouds looked full and just as I got there they began to empty themselves!

“The bridge is out”, he told me, “Gonna have to take the long way today.”

From my house there were two options: across the bridge or around the county.  Of course, across the bridge was the best route to school since it only took 40 minutes on the bus.  However, the rain had come hard overnight and the creek had flooded.  The only way across the bridge was by boat.  I settled in for the 95 minute ride.  I hated taking the long way but there was no choice now.

Ever feel like you are taking the long way through life?

Israel had the opportunity to go straight in to Canaan (Promised Land).  God promised them that He was taking them from Egypt to the Promised Land as established in the covenant.  He led them by a pillar of fire at night and cloud by the day.  God gave them freedom from Egypt and guidance through the travels.  They were at the edge of the Jordan River and faltered.  God told them to go take the land. They chose to spy it out first.  This showed lack of trust.  Then they were scared of what they saw and chose to not go. This was lack of trust and rebellion.  What could have been 11 days took them 40 years!

How can we take the short path?

Be Brave

The Israelites were ruled by their fear more than their faith.  They could not just trust.  They had to spy it out first.  When God leads you to do something….do it!  Obviously, you need to be sure it is God doing the leading.  However, once that is certain you must take the brave steps of faith.  Step out and trust God.

Be Bold

Often, logic wins over our heart more than faith.  The spies went to investigate and reasoned that they could never have victory over such mighty armies and large people.  They had iron chariots!  Even after steps of faith, we must find that balance of logic and faith that allows for God to rule our hearts.

Be Bonded

The 12 spies could not find unity.  This caused a great problem for everyone involved.  When you face a large decision, be sure you are bonded with God and with those involved in the decision.  Whether it is a family or business decision we must be unified with God and others to move forward smoothly.

Each day we face circumstances, relationships, or decisions that challenge our faith.  From purchases to programs to people, we must follow God’s leadership or we will find ourselves taking the long way home.  Enjoy these words of a great hymn of the faith.

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