Handling Frustrations in Leadership


If you are in leadership you will face frustrations.  These come in the form of attempting to unify and separated people or criticisms when not every idea is considered worth acting on to fulfill Kingdom work.  Unifying a separated people can take its toll also.  Often, leaders find themselves in difficult positions as they stand between the plan, purpose, and people of the organization.  How can leaders get a handle on the frustrations?  I believe an episode in the life of Moses gives insight.

1.  Find God’s Plan.  God has a plan for every organization and its leader.  Through prayer and Bible reading you can discover God’s will for your situation.  Moses went to God to discuss the issues.  While spending time with God, it was revealed to Moses what he should do.  Spending time reading Scripture and meditating on God and His Will you will not only find the plan He has but also the peace He can provide.

2.  Keep Calm and Carry On.  When leaders get frustrated to a breaking point it is easy to over-react to something.  Moses was very frustrated with the people, God, and his current assignment.  He went to God and found the plan.  He, however, did not completely follow the plan.  His act of disobedience caused a personal problem with God.  The people were satisfied because they received water, but the method of Moses went against God’s plan.  Leaders must keep emotions in check through the turbulent moments in order to stay in right standing with God.

3.  Follow Orders.  Leaders have a hard time with following orders because they become accustomed to giving orders rather than receiving them.  When God reveals a plan it is critical for the leader to obey in detail.  The end does not justify the means in God’s eyes.  The people wanted water.  Moses, through God, provided water.  Yet, God told Moses to speak to the rock but he struck it instead.  You might be facing the same situation you have faced before, but that does not mean God will give you the same method as before.  Be sure to obey the direction of God

Leadership certainly has its ups and downs.  Sadly, leaders are out of balance in today’s culture being heavy on the down side.  With people playing politics, critics speaking out, and factions rising those moments of joy in leadership can pale in comparison.  Paul relays to Timothy that he is to keep his head down, work hard, and follow the plan of God.  In so doing, you may not win over all the people, but God will be pleased.  With eternity just down the road, choose to make God happy rather than spending all your time and energy trying to make the people happy.

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