Drought Conditions Continue


In the wake of difficult economic times and drought conditions churches are scrambling to cover the expenses and needs of ministry.  The art and craft of tithes and offerings is waning in a culture that has firmly grasped onto pleasure and personal wants.

Stewardship is, in a sense, management.  We have been given good gifts from a great God.  How will we manage all of these items?

How will I manage the family?  God has entrusted to me three people: wife and two children.  Honestly, I do not try to manage my wife as much as encourage her to be all that God desires in her and through her.  Actually, helping the children become what God desires is the point.  Getting them there is management!

How will I manage the possessions?  Whether it be the cars, the house, or the land, I am to manage that which God has given to me and our family in such a way that brings honor and glory to God.

How will I manage the money? It is extremely easy to begin thinking of income as something I own rather than manage.  I worked and got paid.  It’s my money.  Right?  Everything in all the Earth is the Lord’s.

6 So Moses gave the command, and this message was sent throughout the camp: “Men and women, don’t prepare any more gifts for the sanctuary. We have enough!” So the people stopped bringing their sacred offerings. 7 Their contributions were more than enough to complete the whole project.

Exodus 36:6-7

The concept of proper thinking and management is critical to understanding this passage and our current predicament.  Moses asked for offerings to cover the expenses of the ministry and building needs.   So much came in that he called for them to stop!  Each week churches call for tithes and offerings in order to meet ministry and building needs.  It is the owner’s desire that 10% of whatever is given to us be returned to the church.  As the manager, I will faithfully fulfill the duties to which I have been called.

Give until it hurts! Honor God this weekend!

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