Wherever He Leads


The final song Sunday morning was “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go”. What an intriguing choice since I stood up and read this next:

We serve an amazing God!

He puts each of us in situations and moments that are designed to deepen and develop our faith.

Sometimes that’s obvious…sometimes it’s not.

What I have discovered over the years is that it’s mostly a matter of perspective. Everyone involved has a different view and opinion.

I was coaching the other night and was standing out by 3rd base. The umpire was trying to call the game, a parent was “highly encouraging” to call it a certain way, I just saw the lowest strike ever called, and the batter was shocked. The umpire thought he was right. I thought he was wrong. The batter was very confused. The parent was just trying to help their child. One situation seen in different ways.

When God acts, each of us can see it in different ways. Some are sad. Some are mad. Some are glad. Others are conflicted. Still others are torn. God has acted in many ways these past 8 ½ years. During this time we have watched as our two and many of yours came to faith in Christ. We have weathered the storm of a national financial crisis. We have built a new falls creek cabin. We have seen two staff members leave to the pastorate and one to be a church planter. We helped launch a new church. We have gone to Africa and back to share the gospel and have seen the fruits of our labor.

God has acted again. This time He has chosen to act on me and my family. Today I announce to you that June 15th will be the last Sunday I preach as your pastor. With vacation time I will round out the month. Coulter Road Baptist Church in Amarillo, TX has called me to be their pastor. This has been one of the most difficult and challenging times of our lives. While I know that this is God’s Will, it will be a tough transition. There are many things yet to do and camp in the middle but with God’s strength and grace we will make it through.

We love you so much and hope to continue the relationships we have. The largest part of their childhood has been spent here, with you. You will always be special to us. I pray that God will bless you and keep you. I pray that God’s face will shine upon you. I pray that you will continue the important work of the Gospel. May God grant you strength, wisdom, peace, and unity.

God bless you First Baptist. We love you deeply.

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