Godly Mothers Do These 3 Things


As Mother’s Day approaches many are seen scrambling for the right card or gift.  It’s obvious that we should show our gratitude to Mom.  There are so many things my mother did for me.  While some in the list are unique, most are common for us all.

  • Adopted me
  • Fed me
  • Clothed me
  • Bathed me
  • Bandaged my wounds
  • Drove me around
  • Guided me
  • Disciplined me
  • Hugged me
  • Cheered me on
  • Sat in the rain

Every mom does these things.  Godly Mothers do these 3 things also.

1.  Godly Mothers Pray.  In 1 Samuel 1 we see Hannah praying for God to give a child.  No doubt she prayed for her child later.  Godly mothers pray for their children.  Too often, I hear vague no-point type of prayers.  It’s as if we just want our children to survive the day.  We were made to thrive.  Pray biblical, specific, and bold prayer today.

2.  Godly Mothers Prioritize.  Hannah did not go up to the annual festival because she needed to care for Samuel.  Godly mothers prioritize to meet the needs of their children.  She sacrificed her own needs for the needs of Samuel.  Contrary to popular opinion, getting your child on that tournament team is not critical.  Giving your child everything they want is not critical.  The most important things we can give our children is shelter, sustenance, and spiritual development.  A roof and food are obvious.  Yet, it seems that church is not obvious. A recent study showed that parents of pre-schoolers were getting them to church at a rate of 50% or less.  Prioritize.

3.  Godly Mothers Present.  Hannah made a promise that she would present Samuel to the priest and return Samuel to the Lord.  While this is not a practice used today, how can we present our kids to God.  First, moms will present God to the child.  Show God’s love.  Speak of God’s love.  Act because of God’s love.  Second, moms will present the Gospel to their children.  As a pastor, I have had many opportunities to share the gospel with someone’s child when the parent needs to be the one to do so.  Third, godly mothers will engage the family in good works.

If we would be as aggressive at these three things as we are leisure time, sports, and dieting then the next generation would show more promise!  Faithful parenting is hard work, but it is a fruitful endeavor!

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