Blowing Your Horn


I live out in the country and have along driveway that used to gravel on it. Over the years it has all shifted and now there is just dirt. It often reminds me of the car driving ride at amusement parks where there is a median in the middle so you cannot swerve out of control. Because we drive the same path every day to get from the road to the house the same has been developed over the years. Our spiritual lives can get that way as well. God told Moses to fashion out 2 silver trumpets to be used in distinct ways.

  • Blow the trumpets to gather people.
  • Blow the trumpets to scatter people.
  • Blow trumpets to go to war.
  • Blow the trumpets to thank God.

Why would God want this to happen? I believe it is for two reasons.

First, blowing the horns causes the people to be mindful. How often have we gathered together to worship a powerful God, risen Savior, and mighty Spirit only to have it feel lackluster and mundane? Shame on us! Let us blow the trumpet of celebration that we can gather. I have been in many churches and several have over the exit door a sign that says something to the fact of “leaving to serve”. We gather to worship and scatter to serve God in our everyday lives. We give lengthy monologues on all we want God to do for us. How often do we spend thanking Him for the gifts, provisions, and answers? We are to blow the horn.

Second, blowing the horns announces to God that we recognize we are not in this alone. We are in a covenant. Too often we live our lives on our own by our choosing. Taking the time to blow the horns pulls us and God close together. We are in a covenant with Him. Jesus did not say he was starting a new contract, a new denomination, or new nation. He was fulfilling the covenant we broke by sin and instituting a new one by grace. We blow the horns so we all come together.

When you consider how often the trumpets would be blown, it would seem the trumpets might be sounding a lot! Each of these had different types of signals, but the point was that God wanted to people to gather, scatter, fight, and thank.

  • Do you find yourself gathering before God with others on a regular basis?
  • Are you in a position of leadership in your church so that the trumpets would be blown for you?
  • Do you live habitually for Jesus so that you would hear the trumpets if God wanted to make changes in your life?
  • Do you record and share moments of gratitude?

Which signal is sounded most often in your life?

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